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Who We Are

Mood Music mastery

At Overtone Studios, we help people and brands put sounds to moments. With a proven track record of billions of streams, this innovative group of music producers, artists, and distribution experts have come together to master mood music since 2017. We understand that the mood music industry is growing and evolving like never before. We offer unique, exquisite sound for every type of ambience-driven listening.

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What We Do

set the tone to every state of mind

The big beat you play to pump yourself up. The calm clinking of cutlery at the corner café. The soothing patter of rain you fall asleep to. There are sounds and songs that put us in the middle of the moment, that make us more present – sounds that set the tone to your every state of mind.

It’s about making every moment better through sounds and beats and melodies and harmonies. It’s about enhancing life, every part of it, by being more here, more now, elevating every experience. Overtone Studios champions a new era of sound, setting the tone to your every state of mind.

Explore Playlists
  • Lofi Beats
  • Sleep
  • Study
  • Mellow
  • Deep Focus
  • Rain
  • Slow jazz
  • White noise


What's yoUr Mood?

  • Baby Bells
    Let the calming sounds and gentle ring of the bells lull your baby into a deep and restful sleep.
  • Cocktail Beats
    Chilled-out beats and smooth grooves that will transport you to a world of relaxation and sophistication.
  • Transform bedtime into a peaceful and harmonious experience for the whole family.
  • Elevate your meditation with this collection features tranquil instrumental tracks.
  • The Bossa Nova Lounge
    Smooth, jazz-infused Brazilian beats perfect for any occasion.
  • Guitar Therapy
    Unwind and connect with the soulful sounds of the acoustic guitar.
  • Stress Detox
    Soothing instrumental tracks that will help you calm your mind.
  • Guitar Therapy
    Chill out to covers of your favorite pop songs.
  • Experience the timeless sounds of jazz with out curated playlist.
  • The only Lo-Fi beats collection you'll ever need.
  • Piano Therapy
    Focus and concentrate like never before with our piano playlist.
  • Soothing Piano to help you fall asleep. The music will calm the mind and body.

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